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Premium Spirits from Spain


About Valentia...

The man behind Valentia Drinks is Spaniard Alfonso Zapater. Alfonso has spent his entire career in the drinks and hospitality industry arriving in Scotland sixteen years ago.

While importing wine, beer, and spirits from Spain he took his immense amount of knowledge and experience, his savings, and a loan from two Scottish families in West Lothian and launched Valentia Drinks in 2014. Two years after Alfonso decided to focus exclusively on the spirits business.

Why the name Valentia Drinks? Before the Spanish civil war, Alfonso’s grandfather ran a soft drinks company which made a lemonade called “La Flor de Valencia.” In 138 B.C. the Romans founded the city and used the Latin name, Valentia Edetanorum, which has ties to the legend of “the land of the brave.” Valencia later became the name of not only the city, but the whole kingdom as well. Therefore, the name is a nod to both his grandfather and the history of the city where he was born.

A love letter in the form of gin and vodka...

The bottles themselves are unique as both countries’ flags come together to form a heart representing their Spanish and Scottish connections. Alfonso’s passion and hard work go into every bottle. His goal: to make every sip one in which you will savour the Mediterranean sun.


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